the submission desk

Although you may have originally taken the title in the totalitarian comic book villain sense and submit to our unapologetic rule (and we welcome this openly), in this case we mean toss us your junk. We love a broad range of awesome here at the Sheep but due to the invariable instabilities of our conditioned writers we find that often time we are at a loss for great material and have to settle for good. If you have come across something you think is cool enough to be noted on our site we would love for you to share it with us. Just send a link and short description of material to be viewed and whatever name you wish to be referenced as (we aren’t so cruel as to not give you credit you know)to . We will thoroughly review it and take a vote on whether or not it should be posted.

Fair warning tho, we do search over a lot of shit everyday so there may be the possibility that we have found the same crap as you, so the more unique your submission the better. We will never post an article without the credit to our source, so if you find one of our posts to have some material you may have mentioned but completely without a kudos to you, odds are we stumbled upon it before we got to your e-mail. We are mostly drunken indentured servants here, we don’t always get to things in a timely manner.

your submissions are under careful review and we treasure all of them

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