The Writers

Our writing staff is the most dedicated workforce on the planet! This can be contributed to both the steadfast resolve of our writers and the fact that if they dont produce quality day in and day out we will revoke their food privileges and make them trim our executive short hairs with their teeth. Each one of these shining individuals was awarded from a class of no less than 8 of his/her peers in which they must complete  rigorous trials in a multitude of federally deemed(and prohibited) inhumane conditions followed by a final exam consisting of booby trap populated obstacle course, one Cheesecake making competition, and finally a fight to the death of all remaining participants.

Thats some damn good journalism in the making!

The ever proud warrior writer rightfully claims the trophy his/her blood sweat and fecal matter valiantly went into….a undersized cubicle in the center of the 32nd floor at our main headquarters in Utah. Please take a moment to step inside the lives of these wonderful individuals who work solely for your pleasure and the right to live

He hung his final oppenent...ALL FOR YOU!

The Staff:

constanly growing and changing like the plague they are

  • CatastroFUCK: Admin,  Head Tech Analyst, tag specialist 
  • KinderGardenCop:  Editor, Lead Software analyst , video game connoisseur 
  • BadBabble: Literary Master, Full-Blown European
  • Hobodrunk: Author, satire extraordinaire CTRL+ALT+DELETED
  • S1ckl1ttl3m0nk3y: Author, Lead Bullshit Artist Terminated
  • ToBeLoved8: contributor, PR Department Head(as well as the whole department) Pink slip of death
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