years ago the rushing life streams of awesomeness collided with the giant strength of the phallic gods to create the massive man mountain of women pleasing Prowess that is my prolific package. Once self aware my dick manifested the rest of my body to pilot itself.


From child hood right up thru the nervous acne ridden existence of teenship immeasurable conquership of ladyparts known as my teen years, i developed skills and talents for use in comedic criticism Aswell as the bedroom grandmastery. My adult years were equally impressive, as I ruled the interwebz with comedy as well as becomeing a full fledged judge.


in-between my seminars at various colleges with my phd in asskickery and our many tapings of supermodel bedroom antics, i post here in hopes that my might in the arts of manliness will leak thru your computer screen and skull fuck itself into you.

Over Heard:

“Im not really sure what my job is here, i just kinda roam around from cubicle to cubicle with my coffee cup telling people to turn in form with varying numbers and letters. So long as my voice is authoritative, no one seems to question it”

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