What We Do

We here at the Black Sheep Codex are skilled at one thing above all else, incessantly rambling on like mad men. Every so often we are able to attune our butchery of the English language into one collective brutal massacre directing its unstoppable baby shaking force outwards at the world and its terrible terrible decision to allow us here at the Codex to be in it. This site is one of those instances, we have come together to bring you the latest news(as well as drunken late risers can produce) in both interesting awesomness and coolitude. We say this because…well frankly we are lazy….we decided that we were going to bring our childish (strange how often that coincides with mature language) witticisms to the internet, but when it came time to decide exactly what on, we gave up and got shitfaced at the nearest margarita hut. What we do know is we are gonna post on many many things, so there will be something for the nerds(good job your tech savvy just like us!) all the way to the dumb(thats you). So if you like bloggers without boundries, in both topics (thats a fuckin lie and you know it) and in common decency, come on in and laugh your stupid little ass off…you wont find a finer established media anywhere! because we love you.

We are sitll in the process of building, so please…..be gentle

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