The Sony Xperia, if Google went out on the town got drunk and had a one night stand with Sony…this would be Sony’s bastard child. The phone is supposed to sport Gingerbread(Android 2.3) OS with “super graphics”(enough to at least one PSP id imagine). there aren’t any official stats yet, but if i had to guess id say its a Nvidia Tegra2 phone….so dual core 1ghz with a high-res screen. but thats if they want to compete in the portable gaming market, since quite a few competitor are going to be releasing Tegra2’s this year. if its single core it’ll still be at least 1ghz, otherwise it would run slower than a fat asthmatic smoker in a triathlon. but i’ll try to repost with the specs when they release them. But no ones gonna out perform my game system, MY IMAGINATION! *makes plane noises with lips* . No? alright i’ll go buy a super phone.

Also this article says that[like her counterpart the NGP] “She’s packing all the power of a PS3 in a nice tight body”, but in my experience any woman who says that online turns out to be a cellulite planet wrapped in spandex

EDITED: official specs HERE


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