Cram 25 micro-cams into a phone and get HDR and depth adjustments

The Pelican Image company is throwing a really cool innovation out into the tech world. Their idea has us replacing the modern “high megapixel” camera optics in phones for 25 micro lenses. Thought being that high range megs are lost in phones anyway, think about it they don’t have optical zoom (its like having a Ferrari with only three gears). If you replace them with these tiny little peepers you can get a high quality image with the bonus of taking HDR images like a breeze. Plus with tiny little cameras taking different all kinds of images you could even have the possibility of adjusting the image focus after the image was taken. Theres also the bonus of images with depth (a faux 3D if you will) and possibly gesture recognition. It’s like taking that ninja network you hired kill old man Perkins to spy on Mike from human resources in your pocket at any given moment and they all have photographic memory and one is really good with Photoshop. At long last you’ll be able to take picture of your cat wearing mittens so good your families eyes will pop from the shear depth perception at your next slideshow event. Will companies be open to this idea on potential alone? probably not, which is why the company also shows a little easter eg for them in the photo. See how the pelican phone is thinner? that’s cuz there sensor takes up far less space and is lighter. Let me tell you companies will be on this like a frat pledge’s lips on my ass.

[DVICE] or [PelicanImage]

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