Wet T-shirt contests with efficiency!

Here at the office we love cube warfare, we can find no better way to procrastinate our official duties than to go on a 3 hour man hunt for one of our fellow employees . I remember the days of old when we were tired of the Nerf foam artillery and upgraded to the super-soakers, such revelry found in a brand new world (this was before we started using “less than lethal” equipment of course). This Hydro-weapon comes with something no other super-soaker has had yet, Batteries. Yeah I can feel it your as excited as I am. No need to pump ever! plus it has actual magazines of “ammunition”. I’m dying to get my hands on one of these. I think I can make it work too if I fill it with a skin irritant too, thats way I still meet the minimum requirements for our office man hunt. It’ll almost be as good as the time I built an elaborate plan based around cross-dressing like a dirty hooker and getting Mike in Accounts Payable to solicit me for sex, then I lit his balls on fire….he should have listened to the corporate policy of being well-groomed down there.


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