FaceBook selecting Jurys!

Because lawyers dont give a shit about a fair balance jury of your peers deciding whether or not your life will end as you know it, they have started a new trend using a popular social community to once again ruin your day. According to PCmag, leaders in something im sure, lawyers are using your face book profile and statuses to decide whether or not your on a jury. They will take things like what you normally complain about or how often (and how hard) you bitch about such things to determine whether or not you are good for your case and seal your fate in a room full of sweaty idiots with a power high. I’ve already taken the initiative and listed every possible hateful phrase you can imagine on my status. Never again will I have jury duty! or touch womens or have a social life.

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One thought on “FaceBook selecting Jurys!

  1. I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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