Cancer Sniffer 5000

Browsing the web today and I came across this neat new lil gadget that corresponds with one of apples medical apps on your ipod/iphone or ipad. The scanner has a 96 % accuracy, compared Vis-à-vis the conventional 84% accuracy using traditional methods, making this device a pretty kick ass  invention. Now I personally, hate apple well maybe hates a little strong but heavily dislike apple, but this device is actually more accurate then the medical science we use today to locate and determine whether or not a person has cancer. F-in sweet! I know I rather catch it now then wait til later and find out that my bodies infested with cancer and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The Cancer Sniffer is similar in size to a blood sugar monitor and only takes an hour to obtain results. Now I don’t know about you but I think it would be far more convenient to just be like hmmmm I wonder if I have cancer??? I know… I’ll Sniff it out! Instead of going to the doctor’s several times a week, receive who knows how many blood test, then on top of that have to wait for god only knows how long for results.

[Cancer Sniffer]

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3 thoughts on “Cancer Sniffer 5000

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Pretty cool as I type on my iPhone… I hate apple too tho, now you can better ur life from ur sofa!

  2. you know what, i hate apple as well…i wonder if the rest of our writers/readers also do….maybe we are a secret underground anti-apple group…so secret we dont even know we are in it!

  3. KinderGardenCop on said:


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