Making Southpaws out of Northpaws?

Those robot testes looking things up there are actually magnets, and even tho magnets already do enough to entertain your simple little human brain they can also reverse it! kind of…

“The researchers found that TMS disrupts the neurons in charge of motor skills, and this in turn reduced the right hand’s chances of being selected to perform the simple task at hand. Instead, the left hand became the predominant choice of the test subjects, even thought most were naturally right-handed. Lead researcher Richard Ivry suspects this is just the tip of the iceberg, and TMS could also affect many other types of simple decision-making, like what sort of fruit a person wants to eat or which movie to go see.”

Yep so magnets can turn normal people into witches! but there is actually a practical use for getting T-bagged by a machine, stroke victims. See stroke victims lose alot of small motor functions and a discovery like this may help elevate the aggravation as you could possibly have your other hand do the action instead. medical science huh? The only thing that concerns me is the inevitability of this being used to drive me to buy certain products, those male enhancement emails are bad enough!


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