3DS sells out immediately

We don’t get to play the 3D handheld for a whole month longer here in the US, but Japans got themselves a release today of Nintendo trendy toy and it’s already gone. 400,000 units were initially shipped and immediately wiped out by the consumers. Apparently some lines for the product were in the thousands. I of course immediately recognize this ploy, it’s the same one that Microsoft, Apple, Sony and many others have used to force perception (inception!) of the device to be one of awe. They clearly under shipped, and they knew it. Look at the sales for the OG DS, just in the first year alone they sold 1.45 million units just in Japan(I know it says shipped, but considering they shipped another cool million i think they sold a good lot of them). This kind of tactic really gets on my nerve, I bet they hit 1.5 million easy before the years out. So make sure you put your pre-order in. just don’t give it to any little kids

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