Man gets screwed out of $200,000 by a faux girlfriend

So what kind of moron stays up all night watching the Oscars? This guy *thumbs in*. Anyway some poor schlub in Napersville Illinois found out that his girlfriend didnt exist and that throughout the length of their relationship(two and a half years) she had scammed $200,000 of his dumb ass. How you might ask? The entirety of there supposed “relationship” took place online. She(we think) had him wire money all over the world and it only stopped when he called the police to stop her…..Oh wait no he called them cuz he “thought she was kidnapped in London“. Now before you start emailing me about where to find a person this stupid, im going to tell you I dont know which site they met on. But if you want a good run check out WOW servers, most of them lonely dude havent seen the sun in 2 years let alone their bank accounts.


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