Cool bookshelf

I dont read, I find it too hurtful to my brain spot, but I do like bookshelves that are kick ass! This one is supposed to be an illusion that makes you all flippity ploppity in the eyes, but I just think its looks like a magnet for books(which would totally be an awesome groundbreaking invention). The bookshelf is by artist John Leung who also made something called the parallel time clock or something silly like that. I like to trip people out when they walk into my place, so this would go perfectly with my trippy carpeting and endless circle fridge. there are more pics after the jump to show you how the illusion is done.

this is that inspiration



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2 thoughts on “Cool bookshelf

  1. damn, I’m so gonna get this as a new bookshelf at home, just need to work out how the feck he actually did it..:D

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