Cut Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters

We all love Marvel vs Capcom 3, but if there was one area any of us were disappointed in it was the size of the character selection. “TOO SMALL!” is what we screamed and for once it wasnt in my naked direction. But there had to be a good reason for it right? Theres no way they would leave out perfectly good character just to ,say, release a DLC pack with more to make extra money right? Well Dorkly put together some of the hard cuts the MVC3 team had to make in order to keep a quality game. I have to say…if some of these were for real and actually released in a DLC, I’d get it. *provocatively* I always do.


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One thought on “Cut Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters

  1. Stan Lee: Cameo role hahaha…

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