Microsoft shadowing Sony with next-gen console releases

Microsoft, despite placing ads for developmental positions for the next-gen system, Isn’t planning on releasing a new console anytime soon. Just as Sony previously stated, Microsoft will be keeping the current system out as long as consumers can possibly stand. Like I said in the Sony article, Gaming companies lose money on systems, so it’s no surprise they dont really want to make a new deficit, but I am surprised Microsoft doesn’t want to be well ahead of Sony and grab all of the consumers before hand. Let’s face it, no matter who you are with you will by a next-gen system if your prefered company isnt gonna have one for another 3-4 years. Even if it’s sooner odds are you wont wanna spend the big bucks on another console. It just seems smart for Xbox to throw out there 720 or sphere or whatever they are gonna call it to sooner than later.


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