Sony flies out a cloud based option to trend surf positive buzz

Sony has unleashed their “Save to the cloud” feature for the PS3 system, I think they just wanted to say they had something “cloud” to keep up with the current trends. It doesn’t mean it isn’t convenient tho. The cloud allows you to export your save files to Sony’s servers for safe keeping. This grants you three major bonuses:

  1. Access your saves anywhere. By this i particularly mean any PS3, like playing your saves on a friends console w/o carrying a flash card around.
  2. Free up space. Okay this isnt really a big deal, especially for those with newer systems, but anyone rocking the OG fats could really use all the freeing up they can get, those little saves add up eventually.
  3. Protection from corruption. In the off-chance your PS3 shits the bed or frys your saves, they are all backed up ready for your restore.

This isn’t the biggest or best advancement in console history, but it is a least useful. Users of that $50 /year Plus™ thing from Sony get the feature and are allowed up to 1000 saves, as well as 150mb of data


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