NOOO NOOO NOOOO:Robots speak to each other in ways you cant see

I just finished reading an article on PopSci titled “Australian Robots Communicate With Each Other By Blowing Coded Vortices of Air”. If that wasn’t enough to make you say WTF that’s because you haven’t heard the kicker yet.

To keep their communications from being intercepted, robots are learning to talk like cave-dwelling insects. An Australian researcher has tapped the odd mating call of the African cave cricket to allow robots to speak through rings of high-pressure air, ensuring that their communications won’t be overheard.

Ready?: “ensuring that their communications won’t be overheard.“. What are you F’ing crazy?!?! Giving killbots the ability to talk without us hearing their plans! Your just begging for death. This guy has them blowing invisible smoke rings so they can take over the god damn world faster? Whats next he builds them a bipedal mobile nuclear frame and calls it Metal Gear? I only have one thing to say to that: F#^k NO.  (well that and find me a cyborg ninja right now!)

If your interested in how the cricket does it’s thing or that they are currently speaking in binary code hit the jump, but fair warning: it’s not that informative


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