Google Art

Some of you might not know of the vast wealth of diverse information Google gives you. For instance Google Art Project is sort of like if Maps, YouTube and Earth got in the same room and romped only to come out at one, totally different, being. Art Project takes you on virtual tours of famous art museums around the world. This isn’t just any virtual tour though, this is a Google tour we are talking about. That mean serious funds were put in to this, for instance they have a 7 billion pixel image of “starry night”. You can not only see these works of art for the perspective you were meant too (ie: behind the ropes, take my advice and don’t do otherwise), but you can also zoom in to see all the imperfections that make these paintings so unique.  The tour is very similar to street view during the “walk”, but then you can click on the art works to see a super high-resolution version all from the comfort of your home. Now this of course is in no way a replacement to the real thing of course, but it is a conscious nicety for the artist on a budget. Currently there are 17 museums and more than 1000 pieces of art. You can even create your own collection to view your favorite pieces of art whenever you wish. The art is truly a wonder for any lover of art and I would strongly suggest clicking the link to see the pictures, even if it’s for nothing else but the amazing zoom quality.


also a review by [PCmag] if your interested in more of an opinion

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