How to:Keycommand your screen saver

Today Im going to show you a quick and simple way to launch your screen saver. This one might seem a little weird to you guys, but bare with me on it and it might make sense. Now when i say that i don’t mean the “preview” button on the setup, I mean from anywhere on your computer. This one isn’t for Macs tho, cuz I wont ever own one and haven’t tried it on someone else’s yet. Now there is a purpose to all of this as I know your screaming at me thru the screen that “the screen saver comes on automatic, that’s what its for dumbass”. Well first off: Im gonna f#@king kill you, and secondly sometime you have a screen saver that is so cool you want it to go on as soon as you leave the computer (with out the hassle of it popping up when you are in the middle of reading an important article….like all of mine). For example if you have the sick morphing orgasm one or the 3d planet traveling one or the ever awesome LCARS network one (your authors personal SS), you want to show them off at any point your not using your computer. So im going to give you a few simple steps to have that baby ready at your finger tips (literally)for your beck and call.

  1. open up a search of your files (you’re gonna be looking in system 32 if that helps you)
  2. search for “.scr”, these are all your screen saver files
  3. now take the particular file you want to use, ie example.scr, and right-click on it
  4. select “create shortcut”
  5. find the shortcut on the desktop and right-click, then select properties
  6. under the shortcut tab you will see a “command” entry box, enter desired command example: Ctrl+Alt+num5 (note: num is for number pad, this is automatically generated for you, also any letter value will automatically be accompanied by Ctrl and Alt to route around normal functions)
  7. apply and exit the properties box and give your command a try.

I use this any time I step away from the computer because I like distracting others from work with my cool sound effects and whatnot. Oh and if you’re a desktop neat freak like me and don’t want that icon floating right in front of your face, just click “hidden” in the properties and set you desktop folder options to “do not show hidden files”. Enjoy my friends…also does anyone else use the System 47 SS still?

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