These PEWs are like trashmen

Theres alot of trash floating around our planet, more than 200,000 objects in fact. All of those pieces are like little blind missile set to destroy our satellites, okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but how else am I supposed to make this sound cool? Any who, the more junk is up there the more likely our billions of dollars worth of equipment will be bombarded and perhaps even destroyed, making for some not so happy treasury departments. Ames research with NASA has put for th a plan to rid space of junk, and this plan involves lasers! Now unfortunately this story has to do with low power lasers because it makes other countries uncomfortable if we have a powerful one to zap the debris away (you know cuz we could zap or foreign objects, oh shit zinger! give me the Pulitzer). So the new laser is a low powered one that actually slows the debris down instead of zapping it (awww, put the popcorn and twirlies away guy), the new slower object would fall deeper into the atmosphere and kill us all burn up. This is a cheap option because we already have this type of tech on our existing satellites so altering it for land to space use shouldn’t be to time-consuming. It’s projected that the new device could eradicate 10 pieces of junk a day….10? Well woopty-fuckin-doo.


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