New shroyuken engine

Theres a new engine type on the block!(thats not a pun right?) this new prototype system aims to replace the pistons, crankshaft and valve setup using one “wave disc”.

It consists of a rotor carved with wave-like channels. Fuel and air enter through central inlets, and the rotor spins to block their exit through a separate outlet. The sudden build-up of pressure generates a shock wave, compressing the mixture. Then it’s ignited, and as the rotor keeps spinning, the outlet opens again to let the hot gases escape. New Scientist explains in further detail.

The new setup would cut 1000 lbs off the engine as well as increasing full usage (not consumption but actual usage, so more like efficiency) from the current 15% up to 60%. The emissions would also improve by 90%, now I know all this sounds great but making an efficient engine that’s also powerful is hard, which is why this current engine is only a 25kilowatt…that’s only 32 horsepower. add a 0 to the end of that and then come talk to me.

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