Dumb shit steals laptop from geek… doesn’t wipe hardrive

Okay, this immoral and questionably retarded thief stole a Macbook Air from a teek wiz. Once said tech wiz found his floaty laptop to be gone he immediately went to find it via automated online scripts and backup software(Blackblaze). Some of the file changes that were some really helpful mugshot taken by the built in camera on the Macbook. Then the thief recorded a video of him dancing (shown after jump) that no lie made me want to choke the life out of the nearest living thing, it was that terrible. Then to put the icing on the cinnamon bun(why? because I f**ckin love em , thats why) he had some nifty links to his Facebook account, you know where all the information the authorities needed to catch him was. Preety smart little tech nerd, but not entire since the little bastard hasn’t reported any of this to the cops yet in hopes that the video will shame the criminal into giving the laptop back. Yeah that’ll work. There’s a lesson to be taught here: always wipe stolen laptops.


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