Phosphor watch, faux lcd

This is a lot cooler than it seems at first, then later it’s more like meh. This watch mimics the display of an LCD by flipping over Swarovski crystals. Yep cuz if it wasn’t Swarovski you’d be asking “Why the hell are they flipping crystals?”. the Flipped crystal effectively create a “blacked out” area that can be references to a pixel on a normal LCD screen(there’s a vide thru the link). This all seems pretty neat at first, and it is, but then you get to thinking what would happen if you actually owned this watch. Putting aside the obvious answer of “you’d lose it” we come upon the neigh inevitable fact of you smashing the shit out of it. “Why?” you ask...because of that god awful (and incredibly loud) tick noise it makes every time it flips a crystal. Sure you have the ability to save some battery (and sanity) by shutting the display off, but WTF good is a watch that doesn’t show you the time? you’d just be wearing a $200  watch-shaped(read:ugly) bracelet. Buy it if you like, but I would like to keep my dignity thank you!


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