Senators ask smartphones to pull DUI apps

Four Democratic senators have expressed a deep concern to Google, RIM, and Apple about the availability of DUI checkpoint apps on their respective markets. The senators claim that the ability to check an app for (sometimes real-time) updates on drunk driver traps is suffocating the ability for the police to do their jobs and get ridiculous amounts of money from me in the form of fines take dangerous drivers off the roads. They claim it’s an issue of public safety and implore the big companies pull the apps. This is a tough call for me as im torn between the two sides. Now I agree that drunk driving is a serious crime and it has hit home for me on more than one occasion, on the other hand i find that if your able to actually figure out those apps you are not nearly inebriated enough. Despite the apparent severity of their claims I can’t say it is as needed as they say, I do however have to agree in the end. I dont agree whole heartedly either, but more along the lines that if you’re not that drunk you wont get pulled over. Although in the case of the actual DUI checkpoints (ie: roadblocks) i think thats f**king ridiculous…DONT YOU EVER MAKE ME STOP MY RACE CAR!!!… I guess Im back to being indecisive on the situation.

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