Nvidias cheap trick shows a monster card

Remember that Teaser vid that Nvidia sent around? Well they released what it was about today, the new GTX590-a dual core competitor to AMD’s Radeon 6990. Now there a whole bunch of data that I’m gonna shoot at you so just black out of a minute or two. The GTX590 is quite the power house, running a pair of GF110 GPUs (the kind used in the GTX 580, the fastest single-GPU card on the market) on a single card. This means you get of 1,024 CUDA processing cores, 128 texture units, 96 ROP units, and 32 tessellation engines. The card’s graphics clock runs at 607 MHz, its processor clock at 1,215 MHz, and its memory clock at 3,414 MHz. It’s loaded with 3,072MB of GDDR5 memory for the frame buffer, which operates over a 384-bit memory interface. It also has a centeral fan for cooling and all the flashy video outputs. This card is just like it’s competitior in the fact that it needs serious power, like at least 700watts. And tho this car may be gracefully quieter than AMD’s throne monster, it doesn’t quite match up to the performance in speed tests, the two cards battle back and forth but the Radeon comes out on top more often than the GTX did. Kinda sad, I think Nvidia could have done a little better if they hadn’t rushed to catch up worth AMD’s power house release. But whether you are a Nvidia fan or an AMD fan, there’s a $699 monster card waiting out

there for you!check the review at [PCmag]

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