Dictionary gets new (retarded) additions

Are you a dictionary lover? do you know what they call people with dictionaries in their pocket? Douchebags. The Oxford-English dictionary, which is the foremost referenced dictionary, just added some new phrases…well 45,436 new phrases to be exact. On top of that adding hefty weight in paper, it is also ridiculous. I say this because the new phrases include LOL, FYI, OMG and the symbol ♥ making it totally okay for a teen girl to write an essay in text-speak. I weep for the future of humanity. Now I realise that the dictionary is just a reference device and not a legalizing authority or anything, but that wont stop people from using it to justify their butchery of the English language. IDK (see how annoying this is gonna be?) maybe it’s just a sign of me getting old. Scratch that, Im totally not and ladies love me *cries a little inside*


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