Now thats some 3D

In an attempt to show how incredible boring current 3D detailing is Zebra Imaging (along with DARPA funds) have developed a holographic tablet (not the kind you would buy) of extreme depth. This thing is pretty friggin amazing actually, the angle you can get is just insane (for a holograph). It also boasts live viewing from any angle with perception in that angle. Watch the video after and see for yourself just how much you can see in this 3D map. This is in the same league as TV tech by the way, as that isn’t just a hologram printed on paper, it’s a glasses-free electronic 3D hologram with high refresh rate. There is a possibility that this could be in your home by the time your to old to know how to use it. I would love to have one, can you guess of what? yeah, you totally can.


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2 thoughts on “Now thats some 3D

  1. that is such a cool one…

    • indeed. I though it was just a stand-alone hologram, but according to the source it is in fact some serious tech. it’s nice to know that sometimes new tech can still fool me.

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