USB video card

I’m kind of up in the air about this one. Im a big power kind of guy. I dont much care what something looks like as long as it has serious power/speed to back it up(barring living things, of course). Like the devil powered AMD card, I friggin love it, I dont care that it needs its own utility substation to run or that you have to cut a hole in your tower for it to stick out…it’s powerful as all hell and that makes it mine! On the other hand however I do have a taste for the refined practicality of ingenuitous (I think it sounds better than the proper form ingenious) products, such as this Sunix exterior USB powered video card. It’s exactly as it sounds, an exterior video card that runs solely off of a USB 3.0 connection. “This can’t be any good” you say? well yes and no. It is in no way at the top of the pack, or even a competitor for that matter, to the rest of the GPU spectrum. However it is the first of its kind and all it does have a pretty impressive max resolution of 2048×1154 (which means it’s capable of full HD people) and supports HDMI v1.2 connectivity. Tho there is no 3D support(which I despise anyway) i think this little product ain’t too shabby. It can really only improve from here as USB3.0 has plenty of room for growth with such a huge bandwidth. It will never top the internal monsters, but it is still neat none the less, and could probably be an easy upgrade for you outdated machine.


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