Blockbuster bought by Dish Network

Blockbuster, the once top dog of the renting industry, Has been sold on market for $228 million to Dish Network. The company filed for bankruptcy protection back in September and have been trying to pull their asses out of the gutter ever since. Right around the time their “no late fee” hooker service died they gave up and started to lean towards hoping someone would buy their sorry hookin buts. The company had dwindled down to 1700 retail stores, which isn’t too bad for you and me but is a shell of its former glory, but it is the streaming business that has likely sold this franchise. See Blockbuster still has many connection intact from its days of seedy underground renting and this is a perfect way for Dish Network to get a serious “on demand” service. Odds are good the physical stores will still close, so if you are one of those few still under the employ of The ex-godfather of movie rental, I would steal as many friggin DVDs as it is humanly possible to carry in the short amount of time you have left.

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