Gov shut Down avoided

Okay this isn’t really my cup of tea but I figured Id do a quickie on it for those of you who solely get their important news from here (as you should). That Government shutdown that everyone has been tweeting and facebooking the shit out of didn’t happen, The houses reached an agreement yesterday before the count-down reached zero and a budget plan was born. there’s even a short-term policy going into effect immediately while the bill makes its runs thru congress to get the official “go ahead”. So do not continue to post about national treasures being closed or your trooper over in the middle east not getting his pay, as much as we feel for that you’d be wrong and we would have no choice but to berate you openly until you cry. There aren’t any official details on what exactly was cut and I doubt I will be posting on it, so watch you totally unreliable and biased new program for more in that later next week


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