Gingerbread coming to EVO4G and Thunderbolt

Okay so Gingerbread (Android 2.3) has been out for a little while now and it is just awesome. Problem is, only a select few phones seem to have been picked to run this beautiful OS while th rest have been left with Froyo (2.2). A little ways back it was spoken in dark corners of the smartphone realm that a Gingerbread update to the new OS would arrive for the HTC Desire. Well this made people wonder if that curtosy would be extended to similarly built  phones, the answer is yes. Along with the Desire the EVO4G and the HTC Thunderbolt (which really should have had it straight from the box) will be receiving  the graces of Gingerbread come end of April-June. Rejoice, it’s gonna be a hell of a trip for you newbies, and such a wonderful trip it is.


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