OUCH!! my pride..

Hello all my favorite readers ever! I love all of you soo much for being concerned about me! Sooooo here’s the update, I was in a rather serious accimadent and gotsided taken aways in da amberlamps to teh hospimetals. Im just about good now tho, So I should be back up here making your balls/lady-balls drop off with my magikal comedies. Im sorry I left you all for so long, almost as much as Im sorry I left booze this long too. I did meet a feisty little thing in the ward check out tho, but I dont know if she can handle the pure amount of awesomeness that comes in my man mountain of a being….so, ladies..come get some. Okay now I will look forward to all 1 of the emails I get from that (about some sort of pyramid scheme Im sure) for the rest of the day whilst I rest up and make ready for a wonderful comeback.

Heres a little something someone brought by to cheer me up when I was laying in bed all broken, I guess it’s from Tosh.0 (but to tell you the truth I didn’t check) so please Enjoy. Oh and I might be back a little later cuz there was another vid someone showed me but I was too hoped up on meds to remember…so if it comes to me I’ll share. Happy Birthday[frosty style]!

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