PSN, the aftermath

Okay so I have been out of service for a while now which mean that you have no idea what is going on in the news world. It’s gonna take some time but I think we will catch up. Last week PlaystationNetwork was down due to an outside criminal cyber-attack, this left the entirety of PS3 owner without multiplayer(and thusly the only source of friends they have). Now after “2 days” (pronounced “a week”)the PSN is gonna start rolling back out starting with stupid music crap and then online multi-player access. To atone for losing all of your information (well all but your credit card # cuz it was encrypted) they plan on giving everyone a free 30 day trial of the PlaystationPlus service(anyone who has it already will get 30 days tacked on as to not get gypped), plus they are gonna give out some content for free. But hey before you go bickering, do remember they could have done nothing….which is exactly what Im gonna have left in my bank account in a few weeks.

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