Blackbox in your car (and not the good kind)

You remember the days of yesteryear when your parents had a blackbox because they where cheap, thieving assholes and you used to go in the parlor late at night and put on the Spice network to watch porn like a little friggin perv? yeah fond memories for me too. Well now think of the exact opposite of that blackbox and you get the plane ones that record everything and will make your life a life a living hell the next time you crash in your car. Yep you read that right, new federal law will mandate blackboxes be put in all new vehicles in order to record driving and most of all speed patterns over time. Worst of all this is that your own car will officially be able to testify against you in court when you try to fight that speeding ticket/accident fraud/vehicular homicide charge. I’ve known about this for years now, but I was really hoping the government had forgotten about it….apparently they did not.

This doesn’t have to just stop there either, this kind of device could be used to retrieve all kinds of data, like when you wear your seat belt, when you use you blinker, how often you rev up above 3500 RPM…and all of this could be used to adjust you insurance rates far beyond those ones you lie about (you travel 10,000 miles a year and Im the king of the bridge in New York Im gonna sell ya). Theres some serious big brother shit going down here, You all better hurry up and get to rallying about it before it’s too late and I can no longer drink and drive and hit small precious animals/children.

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One thought on “Blackbox in your car (and not the good kind)

  1. There are currently court cases over the Red Light Cameras that police use for ticket people who run red lights. The argument is that using the cameras to prosecute someone violates their right to confront their accuser. There is no way to cross examine a camera. I think the black box would fall into that category and hopefully not be usable in court. They will still totally use it to jack up your insurance though, jerks.

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