24 thousand pirates sued

As awesome as it would be if they were the “Aaargh” kind of pirates and the hearing went to total shit, Im talking about movie DL’ers thru torrent sites. Voltage Pictures, best know for no friggin movie ever, has decided to sue the shit out of 24,583 IP addresses that they claim stole the movie the Hurt Locker via various P2P torrent sites. The studio claims that it wants to recover funds it has lost from this mass pirating of the movie, but I have to say they just felt like they couldn’t make a decent film so they would take the record for the largest pirate suit ever instead.

According to legal documents obtained by TorrentFreak, IP addresses from 10,532 Comcast subscribers, 5,239 Verizon users, 2,699 IPs on Charter, and 1,750 with Time Warner comprise the huge group of defendants. After the initial filing, Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, attorneys for Voltage Pictures, requested access to personal information tied to each IP address in question. Time Warner balked, saying that doing so would be too time consuming and would take away from other, more pressing legal issues

Time Warner customers are safe because TM refuses to give up personal info on their customer (they way it friggin should be). But as for the rest of you clowns start shaking in your boots because the other providers are cooperating and are dolling out your addresses at somewhere around 100-150 a month. So dont think your in the clear just cuz you havent gotten a summons yet, your name might be drawn out of the metaphorical hat next. Thats what you get for DL’ing a shit movie….oh wait…I have to go erase somethings

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