White holes the brothers of black holes

If the universe was a person the white hole would be the shoulder angel while the black hole sits as the shoulder devil. You all know what a black hole is, well you don’t actually know but at least you have an inkling of what it is. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole, So instead of sucking everything into oblivion like a Chinese hooker/massager it spews crap out like your ass after taco night. They apparently can appear anywhere for any shortness of time and just unload and then disappear like it was never there, much like Bill Murray. Think of them like mini big bangs. The existence of them makes sense, especially if you consider “matter can not be created or destroyed only redistributed” theory of things because it gives a way to relocate all that gobbled up galaxy matter. Im gonna go pick up a Nobel prize because Im gonna show how It also works well for the black hole as a wormhole theory, cuz then it would be the exit hole. Anyway this is all still speculation at the moment (as were black holes at one point) but scientists think they may have spotted one thru a gamma ray burst that didn’t have a super nova tagging along with it. I don’t know why they didn’t just ask me to fly up there and see *huffs paint* OMG ITS ALIENS!!!!!…question answered.

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