Add THIS to the Zombie Survival Kit

Yeah, I know it’s just a gun, la-dee-da, totally not special in any….WAIT A FUCKIN MINUTE! It’s super not normal, it’s an air-gun. “even worse” you say? Well that because you’re a douche-bag and nobody likes you and I’m bangin your girlfriend. But thing about this air-gun is…it shoots .45 caliber bullets at 730ft/s!!! Total zombie-killer and no permit required to get one since it’s just an air-gun. Oh yeah, this sweet sweet bane of the undead holds 3000psi (you fill it with a SCUBA tank or similar) and shoots off 10 rounds at full power, then another 10-15 slightly weaker. And for all that power it only costs $600, sure you could get a real gun…but again I say it’s a toy, so you can have it shipped to you in the mail and without permit (check your laws, but I was told it’s cool in MA and CA which are like some of the most strict gun-law states). I think it’s just neato, pulling out an air-gun to show your friends and being like “Oh yeah see that brain-eater moanin over there?”, then POW you send him back to hell faster than my sisters aborted fetus(he was into sodomy too, so it’s fast). I’m getting two so I can double-fist it down zombie street and mow the herd Rambo-style. It’s no Revolving-shotgun or varmint ammo, but it will do…it will do…

the first one is rather boring in that typical Bass Proshop channel way so just play the music from the second one over the fist:

one of the [purchase site]s

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