My cousin was playing the classic wonder Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the other day when he discovered the shield rod can be used in conjunction with one of the shields to make you God like. So he told me about it and basically the convocation above is what transpired (that’s the shortened version of course). That Alucard bit is true too, we didn’t realize it for years after we had played the game. The day it finally came to our attention, we not only felt stupid but also disappointed. One of the coolest videogame characters in our lives up to that point was Alucard, and his name was simply the construct of laziness..”what should we call Dracula’s son?”, “um…hold on *scribbles down something* Alucard?”, “Sounds great, okay lunch”. I think the only guy who had an easier naming job was the guy who named the¬†early appliances…you know Toaster, coffee maker, dish washer, etc. “What’s it do?….okay just ad ‘ER’, done”.

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4 thoughts on “SOTN

  1. I had no idea that it was Dracula spelled backwards until now >_<

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