The Follow-up


Sorry it took me so long for this one… but you know with Father’s day going on I had my hands full pretending to spend time with kids I didn’t actually have. Plus I also had a birthday…which made me drunk and useless for a couple days. But now I’m here, sober and better than never. So this one is just a dance around that one instance we all fall victim to on our phone: when either you or someone calls either someone or you only to let either them or you know that either you or they had just saw either them or you (wow I don’t think that could have been any more confusingly written). Then conversation goes pretty much that same every time…”hey, did I just see you [there]” “oh yeah, I just stopped into [here] for a/n [motive]’ ‘ oh…alright yeah I was just calling to say that”, and then they whisk away leaving you to the newly discovered frivolity toward your worth in their life’s hierarchy of interesting shit. Funny thing Is it’s like the one time where texting is totally the more acceptable method…but everyone calls. Think back, I bet you have some great examples.

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3 thoughts on “The Follow-up

  1. Happy belated birthday J! ♥

    And I hate conversations like that. Actually I hate talking on the phone, period.

    • Thank you ^_^

      I’m not a big phone conversationalist either. Although there are certain people that I just like to hear their voice, like when im talking to my mother or those hotlines that cost $4.99/min….or sometimes those are one in the same, hate calling her at work. Hahaha, but really most of the time I don’t feel a need to talk, and barring the few people I’d like to hear, I don’t even take calls.

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