IP addresses gone? But I haven’t even finished pissin all over YOUR house yet

This is the first image that googling "ip address" gets you

Those of you whom are either super “techy” or super “doing business on the interwebz thing” have already heard about the IPv4 addresses running out. They are kaput, all used up like toilet paper at a BBQ. But whats instore what comes next? Ipv6 Thats what!

“IPv6 addresses add an additional level of complexity to the IP address, providing up to 340 billion billion billion billion addresses – enough to provide an IP address for all devices for the foreseeable future.”

340 billion billion billion billion!?!?! Thats a whole shitlot! almost as many bottles of liquor we drink here at the Black Sheep. Now I know what some of you are thinkin cuz I was thinking the same thing, “But what happened to IPv5?”. Well the answer is they murdered it and buried it in the backyards of all the new addresses.

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