Real Fake-Blood Almost Real!

So apparently they (you know that metaphysical group of people that do everything) are very close to being able to produce synthetic blood, blood your body wont reject in a transfusion or whatever the witchdoctors in white do when you cough to much.

“What if there was a way to replace damaged blood vessels? A group of Yale researchers lead by Laura Niklason, a anesthesiologist and biomedical engineer, think they’ve figured out a way to do just that–and make it so your body doesn’t reject them.

Researchers first build a support structure of sorts out of smooth muscle cells. These cells build connective tissue made of collagen around the support structure, forming the blood vessels. The newly-formed blood vessels are then washed to remove all of the muscle cells, leaving behind only the collagen connective tissue.”


Hasnt any of these so called scientists seen that vampire show before?!?! Sure itll keep them down for a little while, just enough time to have little colonies and be all discriminated against by humans and then BOOM they’re out for REAL blood. Instead I propose we turn over half the R&D funds to the scientist working for telomeric rejuvenation, and make us live forever….that way we can fight and repair ourselves infinity.



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