HTML5 revenge of the MS

If you have no idea what’s going on in the H.264 battle between soft giants Google and Microsoft i’ll give you a quick run up. Google’s chrome browser (which I use and is excellent) originally supported H.246 playback, but then they dropped it basically saying “Hey MS, remember that shit we released a little while back as an open based competitor (webM project)? yea, well we want that, later loser” and then walked after throwing MS’ phone out the window and burning all his clothes on the lawn. So MS came back and bitch slapped them when MS’s Tim Sneath wrote a blog comparing Google to countries that only speak Esperanto(a failed attempt at making a universal language in Europe). The two corporations went back and forth slitting each others tires and what not till the end of time. Just read it HERE. Okay now that your up to date…Microsoft made its latest move on the chess board by creating its own Chrome extension to allow H.246 playback for anyone useing a Windows 7 OS. Looks like MS has the last move on this one, but looks can be deceiving….cuz i coulda sworn she was a girl when i was drinking last night.



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