If your anything like us here at the sheep you probably have a serious drinking problem. That problem being of course that there’s just too many shot glasses to clean up after an office birthday party. I remember one year there were so many we had a huge shot glass fight! Almost as huge as my johnson! We got lucky tho, as it coincided perfectly with the cutbacks I needed to make and all the injured got sent home on leave W/O pay. BOOM BUDGET MET BABY! “But C-Fuck what about Mary-luo’s adopted child? she’ll never be able to feed him?” Dont worry im not heartless, I called child services right away…..Oh yeah the product is ice shot glasses….so they are disposable and your cocktails are always ice-cold, unlike my cock-tales which are filled with womens ans spy style shit where i kill an agent as i touch some warm boobies (boobies are warm right? Ive never touched em before)

[product page]

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