Idiot pothead

Okay so you’re a pot head and you like to fill your apartment with the aroma of your favorite brand. You and your blazed roommate are talking about how great it is and how you wish you could never leave the floaty world of weed. Then there’s a knock on the door, more of a pound actually. you get up from your recliner, Cheetos cascading from your shit, to open the door to none other than a couple of boys in blue. The first thing that comes to your dumb little brain is to be cocky and say “I only buy the best shit”

“On Jan. 28 tenants complained to police about a strong smell of marijuana emanating from one of the apartments. Upon arrival police were immediately struck by the smell in the hallway. They were able to locate the apartment. A male answered the door and without hesitation gave the police his marijuana. He told police he only buys the best. The 21-year-old male and his roommate were cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.”

Now I dont know about you guys but when im caught with my pants down I dont continue to stroke it…I start pissin and pretending like thats what I was doing the whole time. THATS NOT A DIRTY LAUNDRY PILE, ITS MY BATHROOM!


[Cleavland PD]

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