Image unrelated cuz D&D is smart enough not to post a picture and have it out of context

Does anyone else find it  a little wrong that Dunkin Donuts made February’s celebration chocolate lover’s month, You know the same month as Black History month….Sure its not really their fault but im curious just how much thought went into this. Ah to be a fly on that wall…no wait im badass…so like a hornet….anyway it probably went something like this….

D&DExec1: “We need something that’ll drive the people to buy our product, im just not seeing enough traffic on it being cold out alone”

D&DExec2:”I hear you, our coffee alone would never drive the masses to us….even with the addictive chemicals we put in it. We need something with flashy pictures!”

Exec1:”I agree, pictures are where it’s at! But now we need an object to fill those pictures, a novelty of sorts perhaps…”

Exec2:”Its black history month!”

Exec1:”yeah and…?”

Exec2:”we could somehow work it in so that we can get our promotion out aswell as look like we care about the struggle of our colored customers!”

Exec1:”I dont thin your supposed to say colored…”

Exec2:”Here! I already have a list of campaigns public relations ok’d”

Exec1:”What? but we just decided to do this how coul…”

Exec2:”Look here! the top 5 product models.  #1 We could mass promote commercials featuring classic black relics like uncle ben and shaft and etc with them telling …”

Exec1:”Are you fucking crazy god no!”

Exec2:”alright #2 we could have that muscley black guy with the deeep voice  sensually offer a coffee, no cream, to an attractive young white women, and then pan to a black history banner”

Exec1:”I swear your bloody retarded! Im shocked at your lack of knowledge in being politically correct you know that?”

Exec2:”#3 we coud doctor that hosing footage during the rights riots to spray Our coffee”

Exec1“Absolutely not”

Exec2:”#4 we could put cornbread muffins on sale and..”


Exec2:”#5 we could open and close later as to meet the demands of the african american community!”

Exec1:”My god man no!…at least you tried to PC that. those are all terribly insensitive ideas!”

Exec2:”Yeah im starting to see that now, Well thats all we have there were only six on the list, and the last one says to celebrate chocolate lovers month and have reverse donuts”

Exec1:”Run it”

Exec2:”But sir, isn’t there kind of an underlying message there we dont want to be implying?”


Exec1:”Compared to our other choices, this is a mother Teresa commercial”

Exec2:”yeah, im gonna go tell marketing to run it”


{cant seem to find the video at the moment…but anyone watching the superbowl on the east coast saw it, I’ll keep scouring}

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