Verizon’s Iphone4: why its insubstantial

Okay I was trying to stay out of this one but I cant stand people coming up to me and being all excited about the same phone (lesser actually) thats been out for a year already. Look let me break it down for you real quick. First off there’s a reason why its an “IPhone 4” and not an “IPhone 4G”, thats because it runs off of Verizon’s old legacy (3g) network and not its new blazing fast LTE (4g) network. thats because in order for 4g to work you need a special antenea made for it (the positioning of which was the whole reason for the “death grip” in its AT&T counterpart). So in order for that LTE network to function Verizon would need to make hardware changes to the IPhone….Apple lifted its skirt and said “nah nah nahna na you cant have it”. So this is an exact copy of AT&T’s version, except the upper left status bar now says “Verizon”, with a catch….

There are differences:

Now this is a copy, but there are differences on the network (the reason the Daily Show did that whole excessive thing). the CDMA legacy network is far more reliable than AT&T’s GSM network, but it’s also a bit slower. But im sure this will get overlooked as im sure people would rather have a slow-moving luxury Cadillac rather than a speeding Daewoo (remember those?). but there is one major catch no one seems to pick up, the legacy network cant support data and communications simultaneously, so you cant be on a call and surf the web to look like you already knew what the capital of Austria was. This separation was the whole reason AT&T got the IPhone in the first place.

Last Call:

Its gonna sell, im not doubting that and the Current Verizon users will be thrilled. But look at the stats guys you’re getting a lesser phone. that doesnt mean Verizon acquiring it wasnt big tho….what you really should be excited for is their status as a vendor, which mean they will be selling you the IPhone 5 ( that WILL be 4g and a better, faster 4g than AT&T’s).

Heres a Verizon IPhone review for ya: [PCMag]

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