Thats way more than 13…..

That camera up there….costs more than your car. That’s a picture of an 80 mega-pixel camera, that’s 8-0, and one of the strongest you’ll get for an actual camera. it’s got a 3.2″ touch screen that’s doubles as your reticule and make rifling thru the menus a tad bit less infuriating. Think of the possibilities of such potent photographic prowess, never again will you forget what the 3,567th word in the book the lady in the back of your childs baseball picture was. One of these bad boys will set you back $45k, no I didn’t count wrong that is 4-5-0-0-0 dollars. So what could be so important that you need to take out a loan? you’d have to be some perv to use it for a girls….om…..WHERES THE PHONEBOOK!*Frantically dials all the banks*


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