Black Fly Down

You know whats annoying? Flies, the answer is flies. Flies were created with the sole purpose of pissing you off. No other animal in such a low position on the food chain continues to pester a violent creature (which to them is the size equivalent of a skyscraper to us) swinging its arms with massive force at you. Heres the thing about flies, they are impeccably dumb. They fly around your house aimlessly  getting stuck in lamps and throwing up over all your shit, until it comes time to leave your home(such as you opening the door for them), at which point they become the fucking shit eating MacGyvers of animal kindom…and they get back in. Well while putting about on the web i came across a  fungus thats specifically designed to kill fies! and not only that but it makes them go crazy and fuckin explode! The Entomophthora fungus (translates to “insect destroyer”), if contracted by the fly, starts eating the fly inside out. Once fully matured it infultrates the flies brain like solid snake and tells it to go to the highest possible point in the room. Once there the insect destroyer readies its spores and…..BOOOM makes the fuckin fly explode sending the spores flying everywhere. if another fly comes in contact with just one of these spores it starts all over again. A fungus that slowly tortures a fly until it climaxes with a violent reproductive explosion(Hey I do that!) you know what I call that? victory.



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