A word from your writer:

Now I really don’t want to be one of those writers that bores you with mundane everyday events. But I have a really busy day and needed a cheap post to reach my quota. I just want to point out that when your driving down a narrow road in your behemoth SUV, presumably because your too fat to fit in a normal size car, there is a procedure to follow when an oncoming vehicle is within range for passing. First you reduce speed, That is slow down…..NOT STOP! Then you pull to the side as far as you can, that way the other vehicle has enough room to pass. After said vehicle has passed you may then proceed on you oblivious little way listening to whatever horrible pop music is making you feel youngest at the time. The aforementioned steps are, unshockingly so, not the ones you follow. You, being far too busy on your fucking phone to give full attention to the 3ton weapon your piloting; stop in the middle of the fuckin road and expect to the other vehicle to pass. Contrary to what you might believe, your car does not get smaller when it’s not moving. it does not become self aware and side step to the edge of the road. How about this: get off your phone, pay attention and do what any person with an IQ higher than their favorite “housewives” show’s channel call sign does.


there is NEVER a need to drive something this wide

THIS on the other hand....is just fuckin awesome

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