The 5 (oblivious) differences in the verizon iphone

Recent tear downs of the Verizon iPhone show that there ARE in fact differences between it and the AT&T one. Now before you go getting all uppity and eating yourself a groin kick by saying “see C-Fuck, you were wrong“, why don’t you take a look at this here list of new features (and the layman equivalences) I have laid out:
So there you see? The “improvements” in the phone are mostly tech based and will have no bearing on you, the consumer. Slap yourself for me for doubting me.

  1. Dual GSM/CDMA chip: Means the chip (not the phone) can connect to both types of networks. I don’t think this is as much of a surprise as everyone seems to think it is, since this means apple only needs to make one chip for both vendors.
  2. The dual antennae have been moved: most likely to help prevent the death grip and nothing further.
  3. New vibrator: idk y, to dwell further into the tell of the mythological clitoris I suppose.
  4. Integrated GPS: uses the chips gps instead of an added gps. Consumers see no difference
  5. Lighter battery: by nit even a gram and a half…consumers feel no difference

To see the real reasons for the above list(which You’ll find surprisingly similar to my explanation) click HERE

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